Why PHPLicengine?

We got this email from a visitor:

I checked your website to get more info why one shall be interested in your solution instead of just go for ioncube’s licenses but I found not use case there. Let’s assume I am software developer and sell my software encoded with ioncube Pro (so I got the licensing mechanims). Tell me why I shall want your solution there.

Good question. Why someone should use PHPLicengine and why it should be there as long as ionCube is there? The answer to this question is quite easy:

  • If you want to license your product with ionCube licensing, PHPLicengine can generate ionCube license automatically online (eather after payment or manually in admin area). Without PHPLicengine you should generate ionCube licenses manually offline with your ionCube encoder.
  • If you want to provide an alternative encoded version of your product such as Zend or SourceGuardian (as most of companies offer an alternative) then you can’t use ionCube licensing due to compatibility problem, instead you should use another licensing method eather locally or remotely, PHPLicengine does offer both local and remote licensing solution beside online ionCube licensing.

I believe these are good reasons why someone should use PHPLicengine. See also: http://www.phplicengine.com/compare_phpaudit_iono_phplicengine.php

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