A TO Z Of PHP Licensing: A Complete Guide To License Protection

PHP licensing for the uninitiated is a system of licensing and distribution for software developers which prevents fraud and pirated use of the relevant software/application. Basically intended to be a license protection system, it allows giving the buyer software applications to take care of all their client management, billing, basic reporting, accounting as well as online ordering through what is called a PHPLicengine. The great advantage to this PHP licensing system is that it is not something user clients can change or alter in any way and helps protect PHP source code. Whenever required, the PHP software license service can be disabled on one’s website which makes the PHP Software (which could be say business invoicing software) unavailable to the client for use thereby forcing him to reapply/reorder if he wants to continue using it. The developer’s web server in effect has the requisite remote license keys which are accessed by the software user’s website. In this way the PHP license software management system works like a software distribution system and helps protect your PHP code.

Overview Of PHP Licensing, PHP License Management System And PHP License Control

A developer has the option to choose license files that are local. By using PHP licensing, the developers PHP software can be licensed to IP, expiry date, domain name, and a computer address as well as up to five optional settings. If you so choose, the footer link can be made a permanent part of the client view in the unpaid version (the user has the option to remove it once the licensing software has been paid for). Through this system, clients cannot exceed their term of contract and use/download software for free. They can also not copy or corrupt the original software in any way by customizations and other changes that they may need.

Some of the great features of PHP License Manager Software include a client manager, billing manager, shopping cart for software’s, 100 percent  integration with your own software, ability to show or hide footer links as required, remote enablement (or disablement) of licenses, customizable client area, the option of adding key/value pairs as well as local/remote/ionCube licensing.  It is a complete PHP license software management system. For people who have specific needs, service providers are happy to provide the necessary support through forums and email.

Some Of The Supported Modules In PHP Licensing Include

Fraud Prevention: minFraud, MaxMind Voice, Telesign

Helpdesk: Kayako, SupportTrio, Vision helpdesk, Cerberus, Custom

Affiliate: iDev Affiliate, JAM affiliate

Payment Gateways: 2Checkout, e-gold, AlertPay, Google checkout, Authorize.net, PayPal

Forums: MyBB, Custom, SMF, phpBB

How Do Free PHP licenses Work?

Most people mistakenly believe in free lunches. Why should you get something for free when you are yourself using it to make money off other people? There are no free licenses; only limited use trial versions since it is an application which is best experienced for better understanding. For those who want to sample the benefits and see the ease of use of PHP licensing, there is an option of free PHP license which has all the functionalities of a paid service. It is however limited to 20 licenses, 20 orders and expires in 30 days. The buyer has an option to upgrade to a paid PHP licensing service at the end of the trial period. The entire order process can be completed in a matter of hours. The company usually runs a fraud check after receiving payment after which the buyer can download the software. Even getting the trial version takes the same time as the company runs checks on those users too. The unlimited version of the PHP licensing paid service allows an unlimited number of licenses that never expire. It includes one year support and updates of the software for free. After the first year, you can subscribe to updates and support for a nominal fee. This is usually a good idea since there are frequent add-ons and technology innovations without which your competitor can steal an easy march over you.

Selecting The Best PHP Licensing Service Provider

The right kind of PHP licensing product can increase profitability and generally ensure your business’s well being through PHP Code protection. It is important therefore to choose a very reputable and reliable service provider who is in all sense of the term a partner more than a vendor. Be sure to read up what you get as part of the package and also get references from other users if you are still in doubt. There are usually several versions available in the market with different capabilities so make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Many companies also offer up to 20 percent switchover discount if you are changing service providers. Make sure to negotiate and ask for a free trial before you sign up for an unlimited version. Some other good to know facts include the below:

  • Most service providers will not offer any kind of refund; this is one reason why the Internet is full of second hand sellers of this product. So choose with care.
  • License transfer between domains is usually permitted 1-2 times a year at no additional cost. Be sure to confirm charges for additional transfers if expected.
  • Support is provided in online forums where queries can be posted; they are answered within 4 hours or less.
  • Bulk purchases of licenses can get up to 20 percent additional discount. Be sure to ask for it. Money saved is money earned.
  • Avoid any fraudulent activities using the license like attempting to tamper with the source code or any other kind of misuse. These kinds of actions are dealt with very strictly and could get you into serious trouble.

A Word Of Caution – there may be many second-hand or barely used PHP licensing ‘versions’ available for sale on the Internet. Be sure not to get drawn in blindly by the apparent price saving. Firstly the person who is selling is probably not happy with what he has and even if he does, the original contract may or may not get transferred to the new buyer in its entirety. In matters of software privacy and use, it is better to be very careful and trust only very established brands that have their reputation to uphold. In the long run, PHP licensing works out to be a great investment.

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