Everything You Need To Know About PHP Licensing

The PHP in PHP licensing stands for Hypertext Pre Processor. It is a scripting language used by web developers for creating web pages for their website. Rasmus Lerdorf originally created PHP in 1995. PHP serves as a standalone interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms. It also works as a processor for most of the modern web servers. The use of PHP software requires PHP licensing. This software has hundreds of base functions. It has a wide usage too. Let us look at the important aspects of this scripting language.

This scripting language has a wide usage. Earlier it was used for creating dynamic web pages. However, these days it is used for server side scripting. Primarily, this language acts as a filter. It takes inputs from a stream of text or PHP instructions and the output is usually HTML data. PHP supports Apache and MySQL, which is another feather in its cap. Apart from these popular servers, it supports an extensive list of database and web servers. PHP software license management plays an important role in the process of using this software.

PHP licensing is the process of licensing your software for web servers. Typically, three methods support this software: remote, local and ionCube. You could avail a free or a paid license online. Typically, a free license will have limited number of licenses and it comes with an expiry date. However, the paid PHP software license service does not have these limitations. It has unlimited number of licenses and there is no expiry period. You can expect quality service through the license service provider. All your queries and concerns will be dealt immediately.

PHP software licensing management is ideal for PHP developers to license their PHP software and handle their online ordering, licensing, client management, billing and basic accounting and other reporting needs. There are some outstanding features of PHP licensing. Read on to learn more about it.


Legal Tool: The license is a legal tool that governs the redistribution and usage of the PHP software. Once you have a license, no one can use your scripting language. Such practice is unlawful and prohibited. A license protects your software from being misused. A license manages and controls your scripts from an easy to use interface.

Simplicity: Using license PHP script is very simple. It does not require any special skills or programming knowledge. You simply have to purchase the license and install it on your server. You could either choose a remote server or a local server.

Operational Functions: PHP licensing offers several operational features. You can view script pages with features like active scripts, inactive scripts, script name, licensed domain, domain IP, edit script, delete script, publish script, un-publish script and much more.

Demonstration: When you purchase PHP license manager software, there is a demonstration that will help you through the process of installation. If you still face any difficulties, you could call the customer service department for a quick resolution.

There are some additional features too, you can enable and disable license remotely too. It has an ability to add optional key/value pairs to licenses. It offers shopping cart for software, manages client, manages billing, and has a customizable client area and is 100 percent easy to integrate with your software. PHP licensing has an ability to show or hide footer link with licenses. Not just that, your license will offer invoice management, order management, download management, language files, email templates, custom keys, dynamic keys, news manager and testimonial manager and much more.

Your PHP license management system supports various modules like helpdesk, forums, fraud prevention, affiliate, and payment gateways. Under each module, it supports the following:

Helpdesk: Cerberus, kayako, SupportTrio, DeskPro, VisionHelpDesk, and Custom.

Forums: phpBB, MyBB, SMF, and custom

Fraud Prevention: Telesign, MaxMind Voice, minFraud.

Affiliate: JAM Affiliate and iDev Affiliate

Payment Gateways: PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Google checkout, AlertPay and E-Gold.

Here is some information about the working of remote and local license. It is important to know how exactly the license works. Once you know the working, it will be easier to handle the PHP Software Licensing Management module.

Remote License: Typically, the user installs your software, the software sends license key to your PHP licensing system. This system sends back to your software an XML containing restrictions information. Your software validates the received information. In case of a validation failure, the user will be shown a customizable error message and software ceases working.

Local License: The user installs your software and uploads the license key file in installation root. Your software fetches restrictions information from the license file and validates it. In case of validation failure, user will be shown a customizable error message and the software ceases to work. An attempt to alter the license key file by user will stop software working.

What makes a company more sought after? Well, apart from the product, the service matters a lot. A company may sell the best product in the market but if it fails to provide quality service then it will not be able to survive. “Customer is the king” and he should be treated so. Look for a PHP licensing service provider that offers A + service. It will make your operations smoother and will ensure that you can spend more time on expanding the business activities. When the backend services like customer management, data management, after sales etc is taken care by good quality software, you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your business. When you buy a license, look for a product that cannot be hacked. Protect your PHP code so that it is not misused.

When you buy the PHP software license tool, it is important to look for a strong support team. A good support team will ensure that you will receive quick and immediate help should there be a problem with the license. It would also mean that you get unparalleled support at all times. Whether it is information related to the product or its usage, you will receive guidance at every step if the customer support department is strong.

A PHP licensing tool will enable PHP code protection. This means that your PHP script application will be protected from unlicensed use and reverse engineering. It will not be subject to unauthorized modification. The protection option either makes the PHP script difficult to read for humans by encoding them or they use a process called obfuscation. Under this system, the code is intentionally made very hard to read as source code or as reverse engineer code.

There are options wherein you can protect PHP script by locking them. The procedure involves that you lock your script to run only from predefined IP addresses, domain names or LAN hardware addresses. There are different types of locking like, locking to date with optional automatic clock servers checking, locking to multiple domain names, locking to multiple IP addresses, locking to multiple LAN etc. Further, you can expect improved locking to a specific domain name with an encryption, locking to IP address with encryption and locking so that the script will only work online.

PHP licensing is an important and integral part of your business activities. It will ensure that your business operations run smoothly and your customers are satisfied with the quality of service provided. PHP license control is another important aspect. Your license should protect the PHP script and prevent it from being misused or redistributed.

PHP license manager is a licensing and distribution system for developers. License keys can be checked remotely with PHP remote license and locally with PHP local license. Remote license keys work on your own server and will be checked by your software user’s website remotely. This type of license cannot be hacked since it is on your own server. In fact, you can disable the remote license on your website and your software will cease to work on the user’s website remotely.

Alternatively, you could use local license. Typically, your PHP software can be licensed with domain name, IP address, expiry date, etc. and up to five optional key pairs. Your clients will not be able to access or download your product when their order expires. PHP licensing is the safest bet for protecting your scripting language without interrupting the workflow.

A PHP script can also be used for preventing frauds and scams. If you notice cases of abuse from a particular country, you can choose to ban the country completely. However, the normal procedure would involve adding hundred of IP addresses to your software. There are products available that can make this process easier.

When you buy PHP license, there is no need to worry about your privacy. Your information will not be shared with a third party. Information will not be sold, rented, altered, misused or destroyed. Besides, no cookies will be used when you visit the website. Your transactions will be processed via a secure mode through Pay Pal. They use 128 bit encryption on an SSL server. PHP licensing is an important tool that will safeguard your business activities and protect your PHP scripts.

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