Features Of PHP Licensing And License Protection Systems

PHP scripting language for web development is extremely popular with web developers for many reasons which include the ease of getting PHP licensing and license protection. It can easily be used on almost all operating systems. It is estimated that the number of websites and web servers that are running PHP is more than 20 million and more than 1 million respectively. These numbers are rising every day.

Reasons For The Popularity Of PHP

1)    Speed: PHP is very fast on websites because it was basically created to develop dynamic web pages. Its code is embedded in HTML and it can process and load the browser with HTML in a very short time.

2)    Free Software: PHP is obtained under the PHP licensing system. The PHP script license is compatible with GNU General Public License (GPL). This is the reason why PHP software licensing is free and it can be downloaded and used by anyone without any cost.

3)    License Protection: PHP license protection can also be easily obtained by browsing a few websites that offer such services. These online companies offer licensing and distribution system for developers with built-in safeguards and systems for license protection.

4)    Convenient And Easy: It is easy to learn the syntax of PHP and it can easily be assimilated in HTML files because it is usually mixed in HTML.

5)    Plenty Of Support: There is ample support for PHP mainly because it is so popular. You can join forums and mailing lists and find the answers that you need. For developing websites for organizations, it is not difficult to find developers who can do the job. The software is available free of cost because it is an open source software for businesses. All that you will need to spend is for the support.

Other Benefits Of PHP: PHP license script can be run on many types of platforms such as Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X, Solaris and many others, which makes it capable of running on any specific operating system. You can make huge profits with PHP because it is free and all that you need to do is download the code and start using it. You can make changes whenever you need to do so. The different functions that have already been prepared for use in PHP include formatting data, handling database connections, handling emails and editing strings. Moreover, you can easily extend PHP to include other functions that you would like to have in your website. It is extremely reliable and its reliability is borne out by the fact that it is being used by millions of servers throughout the world. You can easily spot errors in your development because it has its own debugging system. There are many free scripts and capable developers who can help you in your development work with PHP. PHP licensing and license protection is also available without any difficulty. Overall, it is fun to work with PHP.

Services Offered By Online Companies: The advantages of PHP as enumerated above have made it extremely popular. However, it is important to protect your PHP code and PHP license protection. There are many online companies that provide complete systems to license PHP software and to manage licensing, client management, online ordering, reporting needs and basic accounting. They provide licensing and distribution systems for developers in which it is possible to check the license keys locally as well as remotely.

License protection is achieved through these license keys. The remote keys are available on the web server so that the software user’s website can check it remotely. Clients cannot alter or hack the license file. PHP software license management provided by these online companies enable you to disable the license on your website so that the software will stop operating remotely on the website of your user. It is also possible to choose local PHP software licensing files. Licensing of PHP software can be done in the fields of IP, domain name, expiry date, MAC address, and up to five optional key/value pairs. Your footer link can also be made to appear on your software. Business invoicing software enables the issue of invoices to customers asking them to renew licenses and it can also be used for billing and client management. Customizable templates and language files are also included and license protection ensures that clients cannot download the product after expiry of their order.

An interesting feature of the license protection arrangement provided by some online companies is the ability to ban any country completely if you are getting lots of spams or frauds from there. Normally, this involves adding hundreds of IPs to the software but some companies achieve this by adding a code in config.php or in a core file of the software, editing the array of countries and adding the countries that you wish to ban. These countries will be banned from accessing your website immediately.

Protecting PHP Script Code: PHP code licensing and license protection is done by the online companies in three ways:

1)    Remote License: The user has to install your software which sends the license key to the system installed by the company. This system then sends back to your software an XML that contains information and restrictions. This information is validated by your software and if there is any failure in the validation process, a customizable error message will be shown to the user and the software will stop working.

The remote license key has a certain format and it is possible to prefix this format for different packages. The integration of your software system will determine the location of the key. It can be stored by creating a field in the software database and it can be submitted by the users to the database at the time of installation. It can also be in the form of a PHP file.

2)    Local License: The software has to be installed by the user and the license key has to be uploaded in installation root. Information and restrictions are received by the software from the license file and the software validates them. If there is a failure in the validation, a customizable error message will be shown to the user and the software will stop functioning. It will also stop working if the user attempts to change the license key.

3)    ionCube License: An ionCube license can be generated online by the system of the online company if you have ionCube Encoder.

How Do The Online Systems Work?

The PHP software licensing limits the number of licenses or orders to 20 with an expiry period of 30 days and it will also stop working when the above number of licenses or orders has been received. A message will appear showing that no new orders will be accepted at that time. However, the current orders will continue their operations and you will get time to update your free PHP software license system to an unlimited one. The whole system will stop working when you receive more than 20 orders or 20 licenses or if the expiry period of 30 days is over. Although the PHP license management and license protection has many useful features of functionality, this is the only drawback. When you upgrade to an unlimited license, you will be able to get unlimited amount of licenses and orders with no expiry period.

The license protection system costs around US$ 100. One year’s support/update is included in an unlimited license. When you complete one year you can opt for yearly support/update that will cost about US$ 70. The PHP software licensing software for both free and paid orders can be downloaded after the company approves your order. This process does not take more than four hours and it is done to prevent fraud. The approval can be faster if the email address on the profile is the same as the one on the license domain and the PayPal email address.

Other Features Of PHP License Management

The mode of payment for PHP license protection can be either PayPal or echeck. A pdf invoice can be downloaded in your account or a printable invoice can be viewed. The license file should be downloaded from the “View Orders” area in the account and uploaded in the root installation area of the system. Each order is licensed for one domain and if you need to use the PHP licensing on two domains, you will have to buy two licenses. However, the company offers a 20 percent discount for additional licenses. License transfer between domains is allowed once every year without any cost. Support is provided by the online company in their forums. Faster replies are given to paid customers. In any case, answers to questions are given in less than four hours. Refunds are not offered if you do not like the PHP software license system because all sales are final. You can try the free version before buying it to check if you like it.

If you indulge in illegal activities with the PHP licensing system, the company will immediately cancel your license without giving you any refund as they have a zero tolerance policy. The original PHP script source code cannot be encrypted by the company’s system. A third party software like ionCube or some other software would be necessary to do so. In the paid version, the footer link of the system will be automatically removed.

It is essential to have maximum license protection and for the same it is necessary to understand the core protection concept of the online company’s PHP license control system before utilizing the provided security features and integrating them.

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