License Protection For Your Precious Software

PHP license protection is used by PHP developers to license their PHP software. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a frequently used, common scripting language which was intended for web development to create active web pages. PHP code can be embedded into an HTML source document. This is read by a web server with a PHP processor module which creates the web page document.

PHP can function as an operating system and also produce program output on its standard output channel. It can also function as a graphical language. PHP is free software which is used under the PHP licensing. According to the PHP licensing system, the name, PHP cannot be used to support or promote products derived from the software without a written consent. Due to the restrictions in the use of name, PHP is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL).

PHP is available as a processor for most contemporary web servers and also as an independent interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms. It is easy to protect the PHP source code with licensing programs available online. You can now protect your PHP code of which an open source license is issued.

Anybody can use PHP in their projects unless he is not including any code from the PHP software distribution system. PHP 4 was released under a loose license to make it very popular. But, you can use the PHP license software management to check license keys locally and remotely.

PHP software license management helps developers have a command over who uses their software. It also helps you control where your software is used. The PHP software licensing management also takes care that the piracy of your PHP scripts is reduced with the help of this software. Your PHP script can be easily licensed and distributed with the help of this software.

This can also be known as business invoicing software. For instance, it also facilitates e-commerce with PayPal Express Checkout support. You will be able to control the terms of the license with PHP software licensing software. For instance, you can customize it for a limited time, for limited use, as a free-for-now and as needing an upgrade. You can also track the usage statistics for your software with this useful software’s help.

A developer gets maximum flexibility for setting usage restrictions with PHP software license manager. The management is real-time and per client. You can also manage product orders, manage clients, and fulfill your basic accounting and reporting needs with PHP software license server. This software can be easily installed on the client’s server. It is absolutely safe and features encrypted client-server communication.

The PHP software license service also gives you the flexibility to view and modify the licensing restrictions for the software easily and in real-time. The PHP software license system gives you the right to prevent unauthorized use or distribution by restricting the usage to an IP address.

The PHP software license tool is a blessing for developers. The remote license keys are on your web’s server and are checked by the software user’s website remotely. The clients will not be able to hack it like your license file. PHP software licensing gives you the ease to disable the license on your website and make it stop remotely to work on your user’s website. It is also convenient to select local license files.

You can manage PHP software license in a way that it becomes licensed to domain name, IP, expiry date, MAC address, and up to five optional key or value pairs. You can even force the footer link to be shown on your software.

The PHP remote license issues invoices to the clients to renew licenses. Apart from billing and client management, it also includes language files and customizable templates for client area. An additional feature is that your clients will not have access to download your product when their order expires.

The PHP local license provides shopping cart for software and is a client and billing manager too. The PHP license supports three methods to license your PHP software including remote, local, and ionCube. There may be an option of free PHP local licensing but the free license usually expires in thirty days.

With License PHP script you can update your free license to an unlimited license. The unlimited license gives you unlimited licenses and orders which never expire. Most PHP license manager software is affordable. Both free and paid orders are approved within 4 hours. This time is used to review them to prevent any fraud orders. The approval process of PHP license script can be even faster if your email address on the profile matches your license domain and your PayPal email id.

The PHP license generator allows licenses to be transferred between domains once per year at no extra costs. Footer link is usually removed in paid versions. The PHP license manager will not encode your source code. You will need third-party software to do this.

If you are a developer, webmaster, programmer, or a script distributor you can protect PHP script with this wonderful licensing system which allows you to manage and maintain your script licensing from easy to use interface. The PHP code protect software will help you license your scripts across the web developing licenses on a per domain basis. You will also be protected against piracy, misuse, and charge backs.

You will be compelled to buy PHP code protection for your software because of its fast and simple server installation and free support and several updates. The PHP license management prevents thefts and misuse of software and has the ability to create unique licenses for a wide array of scripts. It also possesses the ability to disable individual script licenses.

The PHP license management system is created to assure that the intellectual property and the hard work of programmers and developers remain intact. The PHP license control is a protection while PHP source files are being distributed. The PHP license manager can also optimize the PHP source code and significantly reduce the size of your source code files.

The PHP license manager software works equally well for both beginners and professional developers. The optimization ratio in some of the software provides protection up to 30 per cent. The license protection also offers items like branding, help desk, and forum modules. Go for it.

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