combine ionCube license with remote license

PHPLicengine now has the ability to combine ionCube license with remote license. You can add a property key to ioncube license and send it to your PHPLicengine server for verification. This case, you can have ionCube license for entire your application + remote license for admin area of your application that you can disable it at any time. 

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Apc, Redis, Memcache, or Xcache

An outstanding new feature in v2.x is ability to use a cache system such as Apc, Redis, Memcache, or Xcache for better performance. We highly recommend to use one of them with your PHPLicengine. If you don’t have any of them, you can use ‘file’ system cache.

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Features Of PHP Licensing And License Protection Systems

PHP scripting language for web development is extremely popular with web developers for many reasons which include the ease of getting PHP licensing and license protection. It can easily be used on almost all operating systems. It is estimated that the number of websites and web servers that are running PHP is more than 20 million and more than 1 million respectively. These numbers are rising every day.

Reasons For The Popularity Of PHP

1)    Speed: PHP is very fast on websites because it was basically created to develop dynamic web pages. Its code is embedded in HTML and it can process and load the browser with HTML in a very short time.

2)    Free Software: PHP is obtained under the PHP licensing system. The PHP script license is compatible with GNU General Public License (GPL). This is the reason why PHP software licensing is free and it can be downloaded and used by anyone without any cost.

3)    License Protection: PHP license protection can also be easily obtained by browsing a few websites that offer such services. These online companies offer licensing and distribution system for developers with built-in safeguards and systems for license protection.

4)    Convenient And Easy: It is easy to learn the syntax of PHP and it can easily be assimilated in HTML files because it is usually mixed in HTML.

5)    Plenty Of Support: There is ample support for PHP mainly because it is so popular. You can join forums and mailing lists and find the answers that you need. For developing websites for organizations, it is not difficult to find developers who can do the job. The software is available free of cost because it is an open source software for businesses. All that you will need to spend is for the support.

Other Benefits Of PHP: PHP license script can be run on many types of platforms such as Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X, Solaris and many others, which makes it capable of running on any specific operating system. You can make huge profits with PHP because it is free and all that you need to do is download the code and start using it. You can make changes whenever you need to do so. The different functions that have already been prepared for use in PHP include formatting data, handling database connections, handling emails and editing strings. Moreover, you can easily extend PHP to include other functions that you would like to have in your website. It is extremely reliable and its reliability is borne out by the fact that it is being used by millions of servers throughout the world. You can easily spot errors in your development because it has its own debugging system. There are many free scripts and capable developers who can help you in your development work with PHP. PHP licensing and license protection is also available without any difficulty. Overall, it is fun to work with PHP.

Services Offered By Online Companies: The advantages of PHP as enumerated above have made it extremely popular. However, it is important to protect your PHP code and PHP license protection. There are many online companies that provide complete systems to license PHP software and to manage licensing, client management, online ordering, reporting needs and basic accounting. They provide licensing and distribution systems for developers in which it is possible to check the license keys locally as well as remotely.

License protection is achieved through these license keys. The remote keys are available on the web server so that the software user’s website can check it remotely. Clients cannot alter or hack the license file. PHP software license management provided by these online companies enable you to disable the license on your website so that the software will stop operating remotely on the website of your user. It is also possible to choose local PHP software licensing files. Licensing of PHP software can be done in the fields of IP, domain name, expiry date, MAC address, and up to five optional key/value pairs. Your footer link can also be made to appear on your software. Business invoicing software enables the issue of invoices to customers asking them to renew licenses and it can also be used for billing and client management. Customizable templates and language files are also included and license protection ensures that clients cannot download the product after expiry of their order.

An interesting feature of the license protection arrangement provided by some online companies is the ability to ban any country completely if you are getting lots of spams or frauds from there. Normally, this involves adding hundreds of IPs to the software but some companies achieve this by adding a code in config.php or in a core file of the software, editing the array of countries and adding the countries that you wish to ban. These countries will be banned from accessing your website immediately.

Protecting PHP Script Code: PHP code licensing and license protection is done by the online companies in three ways:

1)    Remote License: The user has to install your software which sends the license key to the system installed by the company. This system then sends back to your software an XML that contains information and restrictions. This information is validated by your software and if there is any failure in the validation process, a customizable error message will be shown to the user and the software will stop working.

The remote license key has a certain format and it is possible to prefix this format for different packages. The integration of your software system will determine the location of the key. It can be stored by creating a field in the software database and it can be submitted by the users to the database at the time of installation. It can also be in the form of a PHP file.

2)    Local License: The software has to be installed by the user and the license key has to be uploaded in installation root. Information and restrictions are received by the software from the license file and the software validates them. If there is a failure in the validation, a customizable error message will be shown to the user and the software will stop functioning. It will also stop working if the user attempts to change the license key.

3)    ionCube License: An ionCube license can be generated online by the system of the online company if you have ionCube Encoder.

How Do The Online Systems Work?

The PHP software licensing limits the number of licenses or orders to 20 with an expiry period of 30 days and it will also stop working when the above number of licenses or orders has been received. A message will appear showing that no new orders will be accepted at that time. However, the current orders will continue their operations and you will get time to update your free PHP software license system to an unlimited one. The whole system will stop working when you receive more than 20 orders or 20 licenses or if the expiry period of 30 days is over. Although the PHP license management and license protection has many useful features of functionality, this is the only drawback. When you upgrade to an unlimited license, you will be able to get unlimited amount of licenses and orders with no expiry period.

The license protection system costs around US$ 100. One year’s support/update is included in an unlimited license. When you complete one year you can opt for yearly support/update that will cost about US$ 70. The PHP software licensing software for both free and paid orders can be downloaded after the company approves your order. This process does not take more than four hours and it is done to prevent fraud. The approval can be faster if the email address on the profile is the same as the one on the license domain and the PayPal email address.

Other Features Of PHP License Management

The mode of payment for PHP license protection can be either PayPal or echeck. A pdf invoice can be downloaded in your account or a printable invoice can be viewed. The license file should be downloaded from the “View Orders” area in the account and uploaded in the root installation area of the system. Each order is licensed for one domain and if you need to use the PHP licensing on two domains, you will have to buy two licenses. However, the company offers a 20 percent discount for additional licenses. License transfer between domains is allowed once every year without any cost. Support is provided by the online company in their forums. Faster replies are given to paid customers. In any case, answers to questions are given in less than four hours. Refunds are not offered if you do not like the PHP software license system because all sales are final. You can try the free version before buying it to check if you like it.

If you indulge in illegal activities with the PHP licensing system, the company will immediately cancel your license without giving you any refund as they have a zero tolerance policy. The original PHP script source code cannot be encrypted by the company’s system. A third party software like ionCube or some other software would be necessary to do so. In the paid version, the footer link of the system will be automatically removed.

It is essential to have maximum license protection and for the same it is necessary to understand the core protection concept of the online company’s PHP license control system before utilizing the provided security features and integrating them.

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Everything You Need To Know About PHP Licensing

The PHP in PHP licensing stands for Hypertext Pre Processor. It is a scripting language used by web developers for creating web pages for their website. Rasmus Lerdorf originally created PHP in 1995. PHP serves as a standalone interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms. It also works as a processor for most of the modern web servers. The use of PHP software requires PHP licensing. This software has hundreds of base functions. It has a wide usage too. Let us look at the important aspects of this scripting language.

This scripting language has a wide usage. Earlier it was used for creating dynamic web pages. However, these days it is used for server side scripting. Primarily, this language acts as a filter. It takes inputs from a stream of text or PHP instructions and the output is usually HTML data. PHP supports Apache and MySQL, which is another feather in its cap. Apart from these popular servers, it supports an extensive list of database and web servers. PHP software license management plays an important role in the process of using this software.

PHP licensing is the process of licensing your software for web servers. Typically, three methods support this software: remote, local and ionCube. You could avail a free or a paid license online. Typically, a free license will have limited number of licenses and it comes with an expiry date. However, the paid PHP software license service does not have these limitations. It has unlimited number of licenses and there is no expiry period. You can expect quality service through the license service provider. All your queries and concerns will be dealt immediately.

PHP software licensing management is ideal for PHP developers to license their PHP software and handle their online ordering, licensing, client management, billing and basic accounting and other reporting needs. There are some outstanding features of PHP licensing. Read on to learn more about it.


Legal Tool: The license is a legal tool that governs the redistribution and usage of the PHP software. Once you have a license, no one can use your scripting language. Such practice is unlawful and prohibited. A license protects your software from being misused. A license manages and controls your scripts from an easy to use interface.

Simplicity: Using license PHP script is very simple. It does not require any special skills or programming knowledge. You simply have to purchase the license and install it on your server. You could either choose a remote server or a local server.

Operational Functions: PHP licensing offers several operational features. You can view script pages with features like active scripts, inactive scripts, script name, licensed domain, domain IP, edit script, delete script, publish script, un-publish script and much more.

Demonstration: When you purchase PHP license manager software, there is a demonstration that will help you through the process of installation. If you still face any difficulties, you could call the customer service department for a quick resolution.

There are some additional features too, you can enable and disable license remotely too. It has an ability to add optional key/value pairs to licenses. It offers shopping cart for software, manages client, manages billing, and has a customizable client area and is 100 percent easy to integrate with your software. PHP licensing has an ability to show or hide footer link with licenses. Not just that, your license will offer invoice management, order management, download management, language files, email templates, custom keys, dynamic keys, news manager and testimonial manager and much more.

Your PHP license management system supports various modules like helpdesk, forums, fraud prevention, affiliate, and payment gateways. Under each module, it supports the following:

Helpdesk: Cerberus, kayako, SupportTrio, DeskPro, VisionHelpDesk, and Custom.

Forums: phpBB, MyBB, SMF, and custom

Fraud Prevention: Telesign, MaxMind Voice, minFraud.

Affiliate: JAM Affiliate and iDev Affiliate

Payment Gateways: PayPal, 2Checkout,, Google checkout, AlertPay and E-Gold.

Here is some information about the working of remote and local license. It is important to know how exactly the license works. Once you know the working, it will be easier to handle the PHP Software Licensing Management module.

Remote License: Typically, the user installs your software, the software sends license key to your PHP licensing system. This system sends back to your software an XML containing restrictions information. Your software validates the received information. In case of a validation failure, the user will be shown a customizable error message and software ceases working.

Local License: The user installs your software and uploads the license key file in installation root. Your software fetches restrictions information from the license file and validates it. In case of validation failure, user will be shown a customizable error message and the software ceases to work. An attempt to alter the license key file by user will stop software working.

What makes a company more sought after? Well, apart from the product, the service matters a lot. A company may sell the best product in the market but if it fails to provide quality service then it will not be able to survive. “Customer is the king” and he should be treated so. Look for a PHP licensing service provider that offers A + service. It will make your operations smoother and will ensure that you can spend more time on expanding the business activities. When the backend services like customer management, data management, after sales etc is taken care by good quality software, you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your business. When you buy a license, look for a product that cannot be hacked. Protect your PHP code so that it is not misused.

When you buy the PHP software license tool, it is important to look for a strong support team. A good support team will ensure that you will receive quick and immediate help should there be a problem with the license. It would also mean that you get unparalleled support at all times. Whether it is information related to the product or its usage, you will receive guidance at every step if the customer support department is strong.

A PHP licensing tool will enable PHP code protection. This means that your PHP script application will be protected from unlicensed use and reverse engineering. It will not be subject to unauthorized modification. The protection option either makes the PHP script difficult to read for humans by encoding them or they use a process called obfuscation. Under this system, the code is intentionally made very hard to read as source code or as reverse engineer code.

There are options wherein you can protect PHP script by locking them. The procedure involves that you lock your script to run only from predefined IP addresses, domain names or LAN hardware addresses. There are different types of locking like, locking to date with optional automatic clock servers checking, locking to multiple domain names, locking to multiple IP addresses, locking to multiple LAN etc. Further, you can expect improved locking to a specific domain name with an encryption, locking to IP address with encryption and locking so that the script will only work online.

PHP licensing is an important and integral part of your business activities. It will ensure that your business operations run smoothly and your customers are satisfied with the quality of service provided. PHP license control is another important aspect. Your license should protect the PHP script and prevent it from being misused or redistributed.

PHP license manager is a licensing and distribution system for developers. License keys can be checked remotely with PHP remote license and locally with PHP local license. Remote license keys work on your own server and will be checked by your software user’s website remotely. This type of license cannot be hacked since it is on your own server. In fact, you can disable the remote license on your website and your software will cease to work on the user’s website remotely.

Alternatively, you could use local license. Typically, your PHP software can be licensed with domain name, IP address, expiry date, etc. and up to five optional key pairs. Your clients will not be able to access or download your product when their order expires. PHP licensing is the safest bet for protecting your scripting language without interrupting the workflow.

A PHP script can also be used for preventing frauds and scams. If you notice cases of abuse from a particular country, you can choose to ban the country completely. However, the normal procedure would involve adding hundred of IP addresses to your software. There are products available that can make this process easier.

When you buy PHP license, there is no need to worry about your privacy. Your information will not be shared with a third party. Information will not be sold, rented, altered, misused or destroyed. Besides, no cookies will be used when you visit the website. Your transactions will be processed via a secure mode through Pay Pal. They use 128 bit encryption on an SSL server. PHP licensing is an important tool that will safeguard your business activities and protect your PHP scripts.

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License Protection For Your Precious Software

PHP license protection is used by PHP developers to license their PHP software. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a frequently used, common scripting language which was intended for web development to create active web pages. PHP code can be embedded into an HTML source document. This is read by a web server with a PHP processor module which creates the web page document.

PHP can function as an operating system and also produce program output on its standard output channel. It can also function as a graphical language. PHP is free software which is used under the PHP licensing. According to the PHP licensing system, the name, PHP cannot be used to support or promote products derived from the software without a written consent. Due to the restrictions in the use of name, PHP is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL).

PHP is available as a processor for most contemporary web servers and also as an independent interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms. It is easy to protect the PHP source code with licensing programs available online. You can now protect your PHP code of which an open source license is issued.

Anybody can use PHP in their projects unless he is not including any code from the PHP software distribution system. PHP 4 was released under a loose license to make it very popular. But, you can use the PHP license software management to check license keys locally and remotely.

PHP software license management helps developers have a command over who uses their software. It also helps you control where your software is used. The PHP software licensing management also takes care that the piracy of your PHP scripts is reduced with the help of this software. Your PHP script can be easily licensed and distributed with the help of this software.

This can also be known as business invoicing software. For instance, it also facilitates e-commerce with PayPal Express Checkout support. You will be able to control the terms of the license with PHP software licensing software. For instance, you can customize it for a limited time, for limited use, as a free-for-now and as needing an upgrade. You can also track the usage statistics for your software with this useful software’s help.

A developer gets maximum flexibility for setting usage restrictions with PHP software license manager. The management is real-time and per client. You can also manage product orders, manage clients, and fulfill your basic accounting and reporting needs with PHP software license server. This software can be easily installed on the client’s server. It is absolutely safe and features encrypted client-server communication.

The PHP software license service also gives you the flexibility to view and modify the licensing restrictions for the software easily and in real-time. The PHP software license system gives you the right to prevent unauthorized use or distribution by restricting the usage to an IP address.

The PHP software license tool is a blessing for developers. The remote license keys are on your web’s server and are checked by the software user’s website remotely. The clients will not be able to hack it like your license file. PHP software licensing gives you the ease to disable the license on your website and make it stop remotely to work on your user’s website. It is also convenient to select local license files.

You can manage PHP software license in a way that it becomes licensed to domain name, IP, expiry date, MAC address, and up to five optional key or value pairs. You can even force the footer link to be shown on your software.

The PHP remote license issues invoices to the clients to renew licenses. Apart from billing and client management, it also includes language files and customizable templates for client area. An additional feature is that your clients will not have access to download your product when their order expires.

The PHP local license provides shopping cart for software and is a client and billing manager too. The PHP license supports three methods to license your PHP software including remote, local, and ionCube. There may be an option of free PHP local licensing but the free license usually expires in thirty days.

With License PHP script you can update your free license to an unlimited license. The unlimited license gives you unlimited licenses and orders which never expire. Most PHP license manager software is affordable. Both free and paid orders are approved within 4 hours. This time is used to review them to prevent any fraud orders. The approval process of PHP license script can be even faster if your email address on the profile matches your license domain and your PayPal email id.

The PHP license generator allows licenses to be transferred between domains once per year at no extra costs. Footer link is usually removed in paid versions. The PHP license manager will not encode your source code. You will need third-party software to do this.

If you are a developer, webmaster, programmer, or a script distributor you can protect PHP script with this wonderful licensing system which allows you to manage and maintain your script licensing from easy to use interface. The PHP code protect software will help you license your scripts across the web developing licenses on a per domain basis. You will also be protected against piracy, misuse, and charge backs.

You will be compelled to buy PHP code protection for your software because of its fast and simple server installation and free support and several updates. The PHP license management prevents thefts and misuse of software and has the ability to create unique licenses for a wide array of scripts. It also possesses the ability to disable individual script licenses.

The PHP license management system is created to assure that the intellectual property and the hard work of programmers and developers remain intact. The PHP license control is a protection while PHP source files are being distributed. The PHP license manager can also optimize the PHP source code and significantly reduce the size of your source code files.

The PHP license manager software works equally well for both beginners and professional developers. The optimization ratio in some of the software provides protection up to 30 per cent. The license protection also offers items like branding, help desk, and forum modules. Go for it.

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A TO Z Of PHP Licensing: A Complete Guide To License Protection

PHP licensing for the uninitiated is a system of licensing and distribution for software developers which prevents fraud and pirated use of the relevant software/application. Basically intended to be a license protection system, it allows giving the buyer software applications to take care of all their client management, billing, basic reporting, accounting as well as online ordering through what is called a PHPLicengine. The great advantage to this PHP licensing system is that it is not something user clients can change or alter in any way and helps protect PHP source code. Whenever required, the PHP software license service can be disabled on one’s website which makes the PHP Software (which could be say business invoicing software) unavailable to the client for use thereby forcing him to reapply/reorder if he wants to continue using it. The developer’s web server in effect has the requisite remote license keys which are accessed by the software user’s website. In this way the PHP license software management system works like a software distribution system and helps protect your PHP code.

Overview Of PHP Licensing, PHP License Management System And PHP License Control

A developer has the option to choose license files that are local. By using PHP licensing, the developers PHP software can be licensed to IP, expiry date, domain name, and a computer address as well as up to five optional settings. If you so choose, the footer link can be made a permanent part of the client view in the unpaid version (the user has the option to remove it once the licensing software has been paid for). Through this system, clients cannot exceed their term of contract and use/download software for free. They can also not copy or corrupt the original software in any way by customizations and other changes that they may need.

Some of the great features of PHP License Manager Software include a client manager, billing manager, shopping cart for software’s, 100 percent  integration with your own software, ability to show or hide footer links as required, remote enablement (or disablement) of licenses, customizable client area, the option of adding key/value pairs as well as local/remote/ionCube licensing.  It is a complete PHP license software management system. For people who have specific needs, service providers are happy to provide the necessary support through forums and email.

Some Of The Supported Modules In PHP Licensing Include

Fraud Prevention: minFraud, MaxMind Voice, Telesign

Helpdesk: Kayako, SupportTrio, Vision helpdesk, Cerberus, Custom

Affiliate: iDev Affiliate, JAM affiliate

Payment Gateways: 2Checkout, e-gold, AlertPay, Google checkout,, PayPal

Forums: MyBB, Custom, SMF, phpBB

How Do Free PHP licenses Work?

Most people mistakenly believe in free lunches. Why should you get something for free when you are yourself using it to make money off other people? There are no free licenses; only limited use trial versions since it is an application which is best experienced for better understanding. For those who want to sample the benefits and see the ease of use of PHP licensing, there is an option of free PHP license which has all the functionalities of a paid service. It is however limited to 20 licenses, 20 orders and expires in 30 days. The buyer has an option to upgrade to a paid PHP licensing service at the end of the trial period. The entire order process can be completed in a matter of hours. The company usually runs a fraud check after receiving payment after which the buyer can download the software. Even getting the trial version takes the same time as the company runs checks on those users too. The unlimited version of the PHP licensing paid service allows an unlimited number of licenses that never expire. It includes one year support and updates of the software for free. After the first year, you can subscribe to updates and support for a nominal fee. This is usually a good idea since there are frequent add-ons and technology innovations without which your competitor can steal an easy march over you.

Selecting The Best PHP Licensing Service Provider

The right kind of PHP licensing product can increase profitability and generally ensure your business’s well being through PHP Code protection. It is important therefore to choose a very reputable and reliable service provider who is in all sense of the term a partner more than a vendor. Be sure to read up what you get as part of the package and also get references from other users if you are still in doubt. There are usually several versions available in the market with different capabilities so make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Many companies also offer up to 20 percent switchover discount if you are changing service providers. Make sure to negotiate and ask for a free trial before you sign up for an unlimited version. Some other good to know facts include the below:

  • Most service providers will not offer any kind of refund; this is one reason why the Internet is full of second hand sellers of this product. So choose with care.
  • License transfer between domains is usually permitted 1-2 times a year at no additional cost. Be sure to confirm charges for additional transfers if expected.
  • Support is provided in online forums where queries can be posted; they are answered within 4 hours or less.
  • Bulk purchases of licenses can get up to 20 percent additional discount. Be sure to ask for it. Money saved is money earned.
  • Avoid any fraudulent activities using the license like attempting to tamper with the source code or any other kind of misuse. These kinds of actions are dealt with very strictly and could get you into serious trouble.

A Word Of Caution – there may be many second-hand or barely used PHP licensing ‘versions’ available for sale on the Internet. Be sure not to get drawn in blindly by the apparent price saving. Firstly the person who is selling is probably not happy with what he has and even if he does, the original contract may or may not get transferred to the new buyer in its entirety. In matters of software privacy and use, it is better to be very careful and trust only very established brands that have their reputation to uphold. In the long run, PHP licensing works out to be a great investment.

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PHP License Software Management

PHP license software management is a major aspect that needs to be understood by a software developer or an entrepreneur. PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is one of the most widely used scripting languages that enable programmers to design dynamic web pages. The PHP code is embedded into an HTML source code and deciphered by PHP processor module driven web server.

PHP was invented by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and since then it has undergone numerous up gradations and changes to emerge in its present form. PHP is compatible with most computing platforms and operating systems. It is a widely used general purpose scripting tool highly compatible with server side development.

PHP is free software, and is governed by PHP license tool. A software license governs the redistribution, deployment and usage of the particular software. It is a legal instrument that prohibits the unlawful ways of using the software and stipulates rules through which one has to acquire the rights to use it. The PHP license software management is possible if the concerned entrepreneur understands the concepts involved in PHP licensing.

The PHP license stipulates the name “PHP” and restricts the promotion or endorsement of products that are created using this software without any prior written permission. It is in effect an open source license that is meant to encourage extensive usage of the source code. However this calls for PHP code protection which is possible through fulfilment of certain conditions. Redistribution of the source code requires adhering to the following stipulations:

  • The license copyright of PHP must be included
  • The term “PHP” cannot be used in any title
  • The acknowledgement as mentioned below is included for any redistribution.

This product includes PHP software, freely available from

Besides this there are some important features that can help you manage PHP software license in a better way:

  • PHP License v3.01, copyright (c) the PHP Group controls the redistribution of PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • The open source license has been certified by the Open Source Initiative
  • The PHP manual is governed by the  Creative Commons        Attribution 3.0 License, copyright (c)
  • The PHP Documentation Group

There are a number of institutes and websites offering its users PHP protection codes that provide software to protect PHP scripts. Such companies help in controlling the uses of the software by regulating the specific domains where it is used. They offer a variety of PHP software license services like PHP software manager, PHP license generator, PHP license manager software etc.

The internet offers a host of services that can enable you to reduce piracy of PHP license scripts and control the terms of the license and the time frame for which it is valid. You can choose from multiple choices and pick the most suitable service that you think can resolve your predicament regarding PHP License script or PHP Code protection.

The internet also offers services that help to check PHP remote license and PHP local license. Remote licenses are keys that exist on your own web server. When your software user installs the software, his or her website remotely checks the license key. In case of local license, the PHP software can be licensed to domain name, or IP address to maintain validity.


Resource Box:

PHP software license is a term that is to be understood clearly as a user and redistributors. For more information about PHP software license visit the given link.

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password_hash is the strongest password hashing method, PHP has ever developed. PHPLicengine v2.0.0 uses password_hash with a backward compatibility library for php 5.4.0 that users can use PHPLicengine on servers with php 5.4 too. PHPLicengine runs an automatic benchmark to define the cost as higher as possible that server allows. PHPLicengine is now more secure than before.

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Why PHPLicengine?

We got this email from a visitor:

I checked your website to get more info why one shall be interested in your solution instead of just go for ioncube’s licenses but I found not use case there. Let’s assume I am software developer and sell my software encoded with ioncube Pro (so I got the licensing mechanims). Tell me why I shall want your solution there.

Good question. Why someone should use PHPLicengine and why it should be there as long as ionCube is there? The answer to this question is quite easy:

  • If you want to license your product with ionCube licensing, PHPLicengine can generate ionCube license automatically online (eather after payment or manually in admin area). Without PHPLicengine you should generate ionCube licenses manually offline with your ionCube encoder.
  • If you want to provide an alternative encoded version of your product such as Zend or SourceGuardian (as most of companies offer an alternative) then you can’t use ionCube licensing due to compatibility problem, instead you should use another licensing method eather locally or remotely, PHPLicengine does offer both local and remote licensing solution beside online ionCube licensing.

I believe these are good reasons why someone should use PHPLicengine. See also:

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